So, what’s all this then?


After years of dabbling in this and that, I’m striking out into the world of small, creative business. What I do might seem eclectic, but it’s a reflection of what I love and things I’ve made that people love. Mostly for kids, you’ll find pieces designed and made by me, in the wilds of Norfolk. These are things inspired by life here and time spent abroad. Things that I wanted, but couldn’t find. Things made with care from materials sourced with care and chosen to do the job.

Most of all, I believe in making things for the long term:  my clothing has extra length built in for growing limbs, and is personally road tested by an extremely active toddler. It’d mean the world to me if the things you purchase here, get passed down and cherished.

In a while i’ll be listing on Etsy, and in the meantime I hope you’ll check back here for my blog charting modern life, a little slower.

Em x

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